Hello fellow and future keto-ers! First off, thank you for visiting this page. I’m not a professional blogger so I’m very much learning this thing as I go along. I was hoping to give a personal account of my personal journey with keto in hopes to help others! This way of eating (WOE) requires a little bit of research and I know I have spent countless hours soaking in recipes, forums, podcasts, and books. My journey is not finished though and am still learning how to listen to my body. I am committing to a lifelong lifestyle on this WOE for all the great benefits that it gives. No longer do I experience the 3 pm slump at work. No longer does my anxiety and depression skyrocket. No longer do I feel bloated and disgusting. Most importantly, I’m losing weight and I’m not starving all the time! I also want to start documenting my other journey into a more day to day vintage lifestyle. On here I’ll post some content geared to that as well as special KetoStud spots by my partner in life and in bacon! Check out “My Journey” at the top menu links to learn how I got here. So join me darlings and I hope that my experience can help you on your journey into a better life!


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