First 72 Hour Fast Experience

If you told me before keto that I would intentionally go three days without eating, I would have thought you were crazy. I always ate breakfast. I always ate snacks. I was also always hungry… I felt after a couple month’s of cycling between being keto during the week then not-so-keto during the weekend enough was enough. Fasting has several positive attributes associated with the practice. One of the most important ones at the time was letting my body use up all my glycogen stores and getting back into ketosis. It also helps dead cells in your body die off and regenerate which is shown to reverse the aging process. Lastly, fasting resets your hormonal hunger signals so resuming an Intermittent Fast afterwards would make a smooth transition. There’s plenty more advantages that I’ll most likely devote an entire post to in the future. Disclaimer first, I would not recommend anyone just starting out on keto to try this. Wait until you can skip breakfast naturally and work your way up!

Without any further delay ladies and gents, here’s my personal experience:

Day 1

Weight: Ashamed (Most likely between 175-170)

10:00 – 1:00 – Coffee with unsweetened almond milk and dash of Zing

1:00 – Biked for 20 minutes

1:15 – First starting feeling hunger grumbles while on cardio bike

1:30 – Green Tea

3:00 – Hunger pang / water and waited it out

8:00 – Bone broth with salt and a sip of kombucha for dinner

10:00 – In bed

Energy Level:

Energy levels are a little low because I’m still recovering from pulling a work all-nighter on Saturday night. Also, during Saturday and Sunday I feasted on sugary, processed and junk food so probably feeling the carb cravings a little stronger than I normally would.


KetoStud and I were strict keto (with 1 cheat) starting December 26, 2017. About two months in, the “cheats” became more frequent and we entered a emotional contrasting cycle of keto during the week (with IF) and losing our resolve on the weekends with takeout and hangovers. We’ve been stuck in this half-way place and are two months out from taking engagement photos. Both of us have decided to truly commit and take the plunge into our first extended fast. Personally, I have a internal conflict with either accepting the weight I’m at or just getting the weight loss done and feeling comfortable in my body.  Our plan is to provide support for one another and not bending our resolve to impulse. We’re both enablers to each other whether it is healthy or not-healthy! Stocked up on some bone broth that I found at a local restaurant. At home we have lots of sea salt and kombucha which we plan on using during this fast. I’ve downloaded the “Guide to Intermittent Fasting” and have been binge listening to Fast Talk with Jimmy Moore to learn more about other’s experiences.

Day 2

Weight: 168.6 – Ugh, this is not permanent!


Morning – Coffee with unsweetened almond milk and zing, water, salt

4:00 – sip of Kombucha

5:00 – 1 cup bone broth, cold water w/ salt

7:00 – 1 cup bone broth, green tea w/ lemon

Energy Level: Low in the AM

6-6:30 – Walked dog, felt hungry waking up

5:00 – Crashed!! Feeling light-headed and shaky. Had to lay down on the couch with puppy until I could get my strength back. Ate cup of bone broth, may have been overdid it on water and started feeling nauseous

Thoughts of Day: Tired morning! Not sure if it’s the keto flu kind of tired though…looking forward to making it through today since this is known as the toughest day mentally. Wasn’t too tough during work but knew the real struggle was ahead going home. I planned to distract myself by cleaning the entire downstairs! Had plenty of energy to dust, vacuum, and wipe down every surface known to man. My Shetland Sheepdog definitely gives me lots of fur picking up duty. Started to feel a little faint headed and shaky so decided to relax, sit back and take in my guilty pleasure of watching bride shows. Resolve was most definitely tested upon the arrival of KetoStud when he came home. He was having some trouble walking through a food court earlier on his commute and was feeling the hunger. I had to get some rest because I was feeling absolutely drained. After a while, felt better with a renewed sense of energy and indulged in another cup of bone broth (at 35 calories a cup it won’t throw me out of a fast). Went to bed early and was feeling very energetic. I had to read Jimmy Moore’s “Guide to Intermittent Fasting” (awesome book) until I felt somewhat sleepy.

Day 3

Weight: 166.8


AM – Coffee with unsweetened almond milk

1:00 – Walk for 40 minutes

7:00 – five pecans to get stomach ready to digest

8:00 – Break the fast, ½ avocado, eggs and “sloppy joe” ground beef

Energy Level:

Thoughts of Day: Nervous about eating again! I really don’t want to gain the weight back and anxious about re-eating. The FH and I have agreed though that we want to try a three to five day extended fast every week with IF schedules of 23:1 on the eating days. I’ll also CICO at 1200-1300 on the eating days. Note to self: When fasting do not walk outside when it is 99 degrees (feels like 107). Had to listen to my body as I started to notice a sharp decrease in energy while outside. Positive feelings today – feel like I am successful and I can achieve my goals. Coming home was a struggle! Crashing again  and definitely feeling hangry. Not sure if I got enough water today which could be a factor. Took a shower to kill some time and noticed some mental clarity is slipping. I started to condition my hair and totally used it for face wash. Is that a red flag? Lots of gastrointestinal problems that I read were common on a cleanse. It wasn’t fun but I guess it was good to know that a lot of toxins had left my body. To top it off, back in ketosis!

Day 4

Weight – 166.2

Final Thoughts on Fast: Whoo-hoo! Didn’t gain the weight back and don’t believe I will with CICO (calories in calories out) and IF (intermittent fasting). I think it was around 6 lbs total loss but a lot of that I would contribute to water weight shedding off. It was definitely a learning experience as every body is completely different. I made some mistakes (like walking outside in 99 degree heat or not getting enough water on the third day) but overall I’d say it was a good experience. Mentally tough but I’m glad I went through it. This whole journey is a lot of trial and error! I’m planning to continue with an extended fast (hopefully a longer one) once a month. My biggest concern was gaining the weight back as I read online. In my personal opinion, gaining the weight back has everything to do with what someone choices to put in their mouth once the fast it over. I know I’m not making that mistake! Actually, I’m continuing on an IF schedule of 20-24 hour fasts everyday very easily now.

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