River Rink Summer Fest

A lot of diets can result in a lot of anxiety when it comes to going outside and out of the comforts of your own kitchen. I am no exception when it comes to dreading social engagements because I’m not sure what food will be there, will I be able to stay away from carbs… KetoStud and I like going out to explore our city and we do it while being keto! Here’s our latest trip to a little carnival set up right on the river. We feasted on seafood and drank our keto-friendly adult beverages (whiskey and diet coke is our absolute favorite). I also went on the swinging ship which was quite a thrill! Close to my sweetheart winning me a stuffed huskey pup as a surprise. He proudly sits in my clothes closet where I see him everyday. I’m not going to lie, the ice cream shop is my absolute temptation but today was not the day for such a treat. After the fair we strolled down to a blues restaurant and expanded our tastes with roasted octopus, wings and ribs from a cool blues place. Lots of fun, and didn’t break the keto! It can be done!

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