Ghouls and Cinema!

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One of our favorite things to do during the summer is hang out in our local cemetery. No really! The cemetery is no longer “accepting new applicants” and is home to notable Philadelphia residents including signers of the Declaration of Independence (Thomas McKean) and the first female lab chief for the Food Research Laboratory who developed the refrigerated boxcars (Mary Engle Pennington). The land itself overlooks the scenic Schuylkill River boasting beautiful and intricate grave sites. We had a beautiful sunset as we walked in that I couldn’t resist snapping some pics of. I always enjoy going there for their various events during the year. We recently just visited for a live rendition of Hamlet! This night we went to their movie night to see “Army of Darkness”. A mandatory stop in the gift shop on the way out also was advantageous as I snagged a perfect pair of black diamond drop earrings for my wedding.

I also whipped up some pork belly tacos and sipped on Lime La Croix & Gin before heading over. I had picked up a gin from Rowhouse Spirits earlier that day while walking my pup through our local urban farm. For the night festivity I also tried my hand at attempting bumper bangs but sadly couldn’t get it right. Instead I did a reverse victory curl rolling my bangs underneath and put two victory rolls on each side. Loved wearing this lipstick as well! It’s a 16 hour wear and definitely works! Hopefully next time it’ll take shorter than an hour and half to get it all up!

Our next visit we’ll be visiting the Macabre Antique show so be sure to look out for that post next month.


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