Vacation Off Keto

Is there anything more unanticipated than the first day back to work after vacation? I’m not going to lie, even though I am back to my daily grind I am very excited to be back on keto. We did decide, from lack of willpower basically, that keto would also be on vacation with us. I don’t beat myself up when I do this anymore because feeling more negative towards myself will just muddle the situation even further. Instead, I’m using this past week as a lesson for the future. Even though this may sound borderline-crazy, I think cheating is sometimes a good tool to refocus your commitment. Going back to a standard American diet made me realize why I started eating keto in the first place and exactly why it’s my preferred method of eating.


Switching off of keto and starting to eat all the carb-age again was exactly like releasing the floodgates of control for me. Once I started eating, I couldn’t stop. It was part emotional eating but also because I was hungry all the time! I would eat a full meal then still be hungry an hour or two later. It’s as if food preoccupied my mind for a majority of the day which didn’t leave much room to enjoy life.

Energy Levels

I had to take naps during the day. Not that I object from a good nap here and there but these became an absolute necessity. I just would crash after a meal or during that 3-4pm dip. I hated feeling so lethargic. Looking back, there were more activities I could have done but just didn’t have the mental clarity or motivation to pursue them.

Feeling bloated/gaining back water weight

I did not weigh myself over the trip. It was more like I didn’t want to see the damage report and ignore it. I did today and not feeling in the best shape. Unfortunately, the weight came back but I know that over the course of this week on a fast it’ll drop back off. Ultimately it’s frustrating for me since going on keto was primarily to finish losing the last 30 lbs and not making any progress while sabotaging myself never feels great.


To put it plainly, I can’t believe how you eat affects your mood. For me it has a huge impact! I started experiencing depression symptoms pretty much immediately. This is the probably the biggest reason I need to remember why eating keto is so important in my life. Keto makes those symptoms disappear for me.

All in all, the vacation was a nice break from the city but I am happy to be home and excited to hit my goal weight this year!

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