4 Day / 96 Hour Fast

4 Day Fast

Started 8/13 at 7:30pm

Weight 174.6

Day 1 (Monday) – Always a breeze! Had some hunger signals come during the day but quickly passed. Roughest part was the afternoon/evening hours when we usually would be cooking dinner. I sort of wanted bone broth just to feel like I had “dinner” but decided to power through and wait until I really needed it. KetoStud has been off so he already did all the cleaning, nothing left for me to distract myself with! We ended up watching GOT, putzing around with our plants, taking the dog for a walk and early to bed to read for a bit. Just had an iced coffee with almond milk, a multivitamin and magnesium for the day. Also walked for about 2 hours (split between treadmill for one and two walks throughout the day)


Day 2 (Tuesday)- Weight: 168 (-6.6lbs) Can we talk about the crazy amount of energy I have this morning?! It’s insane. I feel amazing. I feel like I want to keep doing this fast until I hit the 150’s to jumpstart the rest of this journey since last fast I didn’t regain any weight. Rest of the day went pretty normal with the evening once again proving the hardest to fight through. Had a two cups of bone broth for dinner and my tummy was moving and gurgling all night. An hour and half walking on the treadmill.

Day 3 (Wednesday) – Weight 165.6 (-9 lbs) I am definitely getting a better night’s sleep the past two nights. Maybe too good. I’m pretty tired today and finding it very hard to focus on work or getting my homework done. Took at 30 minute walk outside and started feeling a little headache. The tiniest one. Upped my water intake since it seems that might be one of the reasons for it along with the head. Last time I fasted this was by most my toughest day mentally. I need to push myself to prove how strong I am. Think I am back around the weight I was before taking a vacation.

Day 4 (Thursday) – Weight 163.8 (-10.8 lbs) By far the toughest day! Hopefully this was my “hump” and the rest of this fast will be easy sailing. I was experiencing strong hunger pangs at night and had to distract myself as best. To say I was hangry would be an understatement. Also had trouble falling asleep until about midnight. Ended up being extremely HANGRY and irritable at the end of the day. The longer I went the hungrier I got and much to the dismay of KetoStud I was not that fun to be around. Looking back, it might be a good idea to try an extended fast once I’m more fat adapted. Not sure if it’s easier the longer you practice fasting or the more fat-adapted I am. We ended up breaking the fast with BBQ (brisket, chicken legs and pulled pork) lots of meat, deviled eggs and zucchini slathered in butter.

The next fasting experiment is trying out Alternate Day Fasting!

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