Float Tank

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Months and months have transpired from the first time I heard about a “float tank.” Of course it was from my loving fiancé who was thinking a good time consisted sitting in Epsom salt in total darkness for over an hour. The pictures I saw online were all in a coffin like tank which was alone absolutely terrifying. And by the way, let me be alone with my thoughts in complete sensory deprivation and see if I don’t have an absolute anxiety attack…What new wave kind of hippie stuff is this?? It’s hard for me to say NO to something without at least trying it once (except for sky diving, I don’t see why I should jump out of a perfectly working plane). I made the appointment for a 90 minute float and off we went.

The place we went had two tanks so only two people per hour. After meeting our host and going over the list of what to do before going in the tank and what to expect, we were given tours in our room. My room had a shower (you have to shower before and after the float) and a little bench with earplugs, water and towels. The tank was actually not a coffin but an open bath with changing LED lights and soft music playing. This was incredibly reassuring knowing that I wouldn’t have to battle any feelings of claustrophobia. After the shower and working with the earplugs I dived in. Just kidding, the tub is only about 10 inches dip. The water was warm and by the time I got settled it was amazing how much you actually float! At first I kept lights on until I felt comfortable and then was able to focus on my breathing. Let me tell you, 90 minutes is a very long time. It was pretty nice just letting thoughts come in and come out of my head and being disconnected from the world for that time. Eventually I did start to “relax” but was still a little anxious about knowing when my time was up. When soft water jets powered on the time was up! And just as I started to learn how to really let go!

After my shower and changing, this float place had pretty much anything you’d need to use afterwards. Lotion, hairspray, hair dryer, contact solution, q-tips….it sort of felt like staying over at a friend’s house. While waiting for my other half to complete his float, I was able to get a cup of tea and relax in a certain area while reading journals other floaters had written in about their time. I did get to a point where I was wondering why I worry so much and have anxiety about life. I started to thinking about viewing change and the unpredictability of life as known truths that I should embrace instead of fear. There was an absolute feeling of relaxation and certain head high during the post-float. It honestly felt like I had just gotten a massage. This is not surprising as there are many benefits for taking a little float here and there. The Epsom salt helps sore muscles, there’s the stress/anxiety relief, increasing blood circulation and gives you an opportunity to quiet your mind and just let go. Now I am proud to be a part of the #floatfam and look forward to October where the fiancé and I are going to try a couple’s float. Should be interesting!


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