Dita! The Great Dame!

Just wanted to recap the best show I’ve ever seen. Dita Von Teese!!! She is my absolute favorite person and I’ve already read through her book “Your Beauty Mark.” She endorses eccentric styles and for every person to find the unique and wonderful quality about themselves that make them special. When I found out that she was coming to my city I immediately knew I had to see her live. The venue itself was gorgeous with beautiful blue and purple uplighting, huge chandeliers and a vintage stage. There was a strict no-phone policy during the show (as per Dita – love it) so unfortunately I don’t have concrete proof I saw her. BUT I do have some post-show pics with her very talented crew. img_1809


She was amazing. The lighting, music, choreography…I’ll never forget it! The MC was hilarious as well and really made it such a joy to watch. After her cowgirl number she threw me a piece of wheat that she used during the act, which I have and will keep forever. It’s absolutely glittered too which is so her. My fiancé and I also had a blast dressing to 9’s that night. I wish we could dress like this everyday!!



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