Engagement Picture GO TIME!!

Anyone else an excel and data junkie?! One tip that I learned from a recent Project Management class is the key to success is to make a plan, then work that plan. I know that this is an aggressive approach but I know the hard work I can put in will make me happy when it’s time to take our engagement pictures. I don’t want to feel upset on that day and be excited to get the proofs back. So here’s my plan!! I’m posting on here for accountability 🙂 A little side note – I am fat adapted so fasting is more of a mental challenge rather than a physical one for me. I also am still intermittent fasting on eating days breaking my fast around 4/5 and finishing eating by 7 (a good 20:4 IF). Exercise for me is low impact (walking/dance) and I’m incorporating the same level of strength training that I have been doing over the past few months. My goal by the end is to get as close as I can to 10 lbs gone – again I know it’s an aggressive goal but with alternate day fasting (ADF) the weight has traditionally just fallen off for me.

Date         Day                     Calories      Gym       You Do It?     Weight
Week 1  9/26 Tuesday        1300            L3                 X                    –
9/27       Wednesday          FAST           L3
9/28       Thursday              1600            L3
9/29        Friday                  FAST            PF
9/30        Saturday (DRILL) 1600          Walk
10/1        Sunday (DRILL)   1300           OFF – PF time permitting
10/2       Monday                  1300           L3
Week 2 10/3 Tuesday          FAST          L3
10/4       Wednesday           1600           L3
10/5       Thursday               FAST          L3
10/6       Friday                    1600           PF
10/7       Saturday               FAST           PF
10/8       Sunday                  1600           PF
10/9      Monday                  1300           L3
Week 3 10/10 Tuesday       FAST          L3
10/11    Wednesday           1600           L3
10/12    Thursday               FAST          L3
10/13    Friday                    1600           PF
10/14    Saturday (DRILL) 1300          OFF
10/15    Sunday                   FAST         PF
10/16    Monday                 1600           L3
Week 4 10/17 Tuesday      FAST          L3
10/18    Wednesday          1600           L3
10/19    Thursday              FAST          L3
10/20    Friday                   1600            PF
10/21    Saturday              FAST            PF
10/22    Sunday                 1300             PF
10/23    Monday               FAST             L3
Week 5 10/24 Tuesday    FAST             L3
10/25    Wednesday        1600              PF (AM – Before hair/makeup)

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