Meet Keto Vixen

I started my journey into Keto on December 26, 2016. To surmise the trip so far, I would say it’s fair to say I am continually learning. No body is the same and figuring out what foods my body likes and reacts best with is a continual trial and error. I think I’ve messed up more times than I can count on. We have a strong emotional attachment to food and saying “sayonara!” to some foods is a slow process. After all, changing everything you know about what’s good for you over a lifetime can not be done in one night! I know for sure that being on a keto way of eating has far surpassed any feeling I’ve had when it comes to my relationship with food. To read it all from the beginning please check out this blog post: My Journey into Keto. I have a goal to lose 30 lbs before my wedding and you darlings have a front row seat.

My love of vintage began early watching older movies growing up. I knew my personal style was a little different from what was considered “trendy.” It wasn’t until I stumbled out of my militant punk days and into the pin-up world that I found something I truly loved. KetoStud and I have started to transition into this more, including it more into our day to day life. So far I’ve been reading/watching everything I can find and slowly replacing wardrobe pieces to exclusively vintage inspired pieces. This blog will have that incorporated in it with some exciting posts about vintage hair and makeup classes, Dita Von Teese show, Viva Las Vegas 2018 and our wedding!  Not to mention plenty of content including keto food pics, exploring the city, exploring the world, and our puppies!